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TWA has partnered with other organizations that know the importance of a community based engagement to work together to protect the natural or life sources within the Tabusintac watershed.  TWA has been working on this project but will need the help of the community members and stakeholders to successfully accomplish the objectives to meet the targets set out by the feedback that the organizations have been receiving.  We will be inviting community members, stakeholders, organizations, and government agencies on their feedback on current issues, changes that they have experienced or observed, and what they feel is important.  Refer to the brochure below for more information on the project.  You may also include your feedback, concerns, or questions in the CONTACT page. 


CNPP Brochure pg 1.jpg
CNPP Brochure p2.jpg

You can participate now by filling out the Healthy Coasts NB survey by clinking on the following link below.  If you have any questions or know someone who does not have access to the internet but would like to participate; please reach out and we will try to accommodate.

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