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Surface Waters and Wetlands-Rivers, streams, brooks, springs, swamps, bogs, and fresh and salt water marshes.

Surface waters within the Tabusintac Watershed are located throughout the watershed.  Streams, brooks, and springs in the watershed come from groundwater in the bedrock.

Surface waters can be fresh, brackish, or very salty near the coastline or Tabusintac Bay.

Surface waters are influenced from run off from the surrounding land.

Bacterias, metals and minerals can change very rapidly within surface waters from land run-off, water and air temperatures, winds, precipitation, tides, snow melt, and weather.

Surface waters contains much aquatic life. Terrestrial wildlife, waterfowl, and vegetation depends on healthy surface waters for habitat.

TWA and partners monitor surface waters throughout the watershed.  One way we monitor is to collect water parameters and send water samples to the RPC lab. The same lab used to analyses your drinking water when you send it away to be tested.

Please find some of our sampling sites in the Tabusintac watershed below.

2021 Water Quality Sites for the Tabusintac Watershed

Bayshore, Robertson, MacEachern harbour WQ Sites.jpg
Nancy Lambert_Dale Harding Tabu River.jpg
Tabu Hill, Big and Little Eskedlloc.jpg

For past detailed water quality info- click on the green button.

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