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Drinking water and groundwater


Safe drinking water is something that we take for granted in our region. Community members and industries within the Tabusintac watershed depend on wells that are drilled or dug into underground aquifers (groundwater). Water is then pumped up into our homes for drinking (potable) water and piped to the various places needed in the home as the kitchen, bathroom, and to a laundry washing machine

The quality of the water they produce is always influenced by naturally occurring minerals beneath the ground surface. As well as, land uses and a variety of man made substances and other aspects of our modern lifestyle can affect the quality of well water.

Well Construction Planning is important to plan the location of the well to reduce the risk of influence from other site features such as roads and septic systems. 


Water Quality Testing for Residents and Business Owners:


The standard tests required under the "Potable Water Regulation" analyse the water for both inorganic and bacteriological substances. "Inorganic" testing examines a variety of components such as: hardness, alkalinity, calcium, chloride, copper, fluoride, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, nitrite, lead, sulphate, antimony, arsenic, boron and zinc. Bacteriological testing looks for the presence of total coliform and faecal coliform, which are substances typically associated with decaying natural organic matter or discharges from sewage disposal systems.

Over years the casing and pipes degrade, settling of soils, roots from nearby trees, and vegetation can wrap around pipes or cause cracks. Regular maintenance is needed to prevent contaminated drinking water.  

Please click on "Find out More" for a checklist to maintaining a water well.


Water sampling of drinking water should be completed TWICE a year and sent to a certified lab for analyses.
Contact your local Service New Brunswick to obtain water sample bottles and instructions.  Click on button below for more information. 
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